Our Mission

The mission of the Ranchland Trust of Kansas is to preserve Kansas’ ranching heritage and open spaces for future generations through the conservation of working landscapes.   

Our Vision

The Ranchland Trust of Kansas has a vision that drives our commitment and guides our initiatives as an organization. RTK believes:

  • Kansas farm and ranchland, in many areas of the state, will come under additional pressure for conversion of open space to residential and commercial development. 
  • Cattle ranching will continue to be regarded in high esteem as a part of the state’s rich heritage and an environmental friendly activity.
  • The public will become increasingly aware and supportive of public and private efforts to recognize, celebrate and preserve working farm and ranch lands that provide open spaces and a special quality of life for all.
  • Private landowners will seek voluntary land conservation tools and land trusts that can provide the means of preserving farm and ranch family legacies.
  • Agricultural producers and landowners, the conservation community, governmental officials and members of the public will hold the organization in high regard and provide a sustainable source of funding and people resources for RTK    

Our Values

While there are many important principles that guide our work, the Ranchland Trust of Kansas emphasizes the following values as core to our efforts:

Commitment to Conservation - RTK believes it is the responsibility of the current generation to preserve the openness and environmental health of the state’s working agricultural lands. We are committed, through voluntary initiatives, to preserving working agricultural landscapes for perpetuity.    

Respect for private land ownership – We acknowledge the substantial economic, social and land stewardship contributions resulting from private land ownership in Kansas. In all that we do, KLA-RT will recognize, value and respect the private property rights that accompany private land ownership and refrain from using aggressive tactics for securing conservation easements.

Collaboration and Cooperation – RTK recognizes that collaboration and alliances enhance our ability to succeed and fulfill our mission. We will assist and cooperate with others and maintain, develop and enhance partnerships with individuals and private/public entities that share our vision and values.

Integrity – We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission in an ethical, honest and responsible manner. The organization is committed to adhering to the Standards and Practices of the Land Trust Alliance and will administer its affairs in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.  

Organizational Excellence – RTK is a professional, effective and competent organization that is committed to excellence and accountability. We strive to earn and maintain respect and trust from our partners, financial supporters, conservation leaders, agricultural producers and all stakeholders.  


An Affiliate of the Kansas Livestock Association

The Ranchland Trust of Kansas is an affiliate of the Kansas Livestock Association. In 1894, cattlemen in Kansas discovered there was safety - and power - in numbers, and the Kansas Livestock Association was born. Now, over a century later, Kansas cattlemen still are banding together to protect their livelihood. The association continues to serve members by fulfilling its mission to: "Advance members' common business interests and enhance their ability to meet consumer  demand."